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In this section, I tried to create a chronological order from my first works to my last. 

I started to work on ceramics in 2014. 

Since I studied “Combined Arts” at the university, I took sculpture and ceramic lessons, so that my learning process progressed faster. 

After I had my own workshop and kiln at our design store “Aphorm Design” in 2014, my work on ceramics intensified.

In the following years, I took also private lessons for the potters wheel apart from the university.

*You can find my ceramic sculpture works in the sculpture section.

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Granite Series;

A tableware series with my favorite matte granite glazes. One of my most recent works. Generally i used slab and hand building (pinching) techniques.

The clay i used is chamotte clay. This clay turns into lilac at low degrees and a very toasty yellow biscuit color at high degrees. Normally i use it unglazed because i like to see the color of the clay. But here i used it just because i prefer this clay when using hand building technique. The consistency is very suitable.




Colorful Series;

I produced this colorful series upon my sister's sudden desire to have colorful tablewares. Except the pie pan, all of them made with potters wheel. 



Hide & Seek Teapot.