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I am a multidisciplinary artist from Istanbul. Recently I have been living in Berlin alternately.

I mainly produce in the disciplines of contemporary jewelry, ceramics and sculpture.

I am constantly moving back and forth between these disciplines.

My works include functional and non-functional product designs, artistic productions, arbitrary productions and productions that I cannot classify.

The creative impulse to produce a work never starts with a definite idea.

I usually start playing with the material in my studio, not knowing what to do, 

and this turns me into a completely impulsive-intuitive thinker.

All my perceptions open up like a child at play. I always let the material lead me 

and I usually like a small detail and reproduce it, stubbornly go over it and exaggerate it. 

The person who looks at the final work and attributes meaning to it like an adult is another Derya.

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In 2011, I entered Yıldız Technical University department of “Combined Arts”.

In the years before university, I was interested in many disciplines at once, including sculptures, painting, glass, ceramics, theater and even culinary arts. 

Therefore Combined Arts was a very suitable department for me, I had the chance to experience my interest in many disciplines.

In 2014 while I was studying, my sister and me founded: “Aphorm”, a concept store and atelier. 

There, I worked mainly on ceramics, jewelry and papier-mache sculptures.

Having a store, displaying the works of many artists, besides our own works, gave me a different perspective on exhibition and communication.

In order to live at the countryside we decided to close the shop and move out of the city.

In 2020, I established my personal atelier in Terkos, Istanbul.

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